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Perth City to Surf 2016, Marathon (42.2km)


Well, what a sensational weekend this turned out to be! The 2016 Perth City to Surf Marathon (this being my 6th marathon) has been one of my favorite runs thus far! I normally wouldn’t write up so much on an event that I’ve done time and time again, but this one I feel needs sharing! Initially I wasn’t going to ...

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Avon Descent, 2016


This was definitely the most gnarliest fun I’ve had on the river to date! Despite the lack of preparation, only have 1 paddle 3 weeks prior to the race since my last attempt in 2014, the conditions were very favorable. Waters were high (a little over 0.8m in most areas), rapids were white and gushing, sandbars were at a minimum ...

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Adding Reviews, how exciting!


The idea on wanting to enhance ones writing skills can be a difficult task if one is unsure of what to write about, particularly when practice is a primary element to progress no topics or interests come to mind straight off the bat. Long narratives/stories, thoughts and ideas, diaries ect. can be daunting and for other as well as myself, ...

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Welcome 2016! A new year, a new look, and taking action.

The Loft, Little Creatures, Fremantle WA

Time to celebrate! This will be the first official post for my personal website. A project too long in the making will finally come to fruition this year, regardless of what state it’s in. It’s progress has always been hindered because I have a habit of saying “It’s not ready to go live! It’s not ready to go live!” and ...

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